When drivers are using the app, they have the ability to set the status of an order.

UnscheduledThe order does not have a route assigned.
ScheduledThe order has a route assigned.
On RouteThe assigned driver is on the way to this order.
ServicingThe assigned driver is currently working on this order.
CompletedThe order has been successfully fulfilled.
FailedThe order was not able to be completed for some reason.
RejectedThe order was not done because the driver rejected it.
CanceledThe order was not done because the dispatcher canceled it.

Statuses are shown on the Plan and Optimize tab under the Status column.

These statuses are first set within the driver app. The dispatcher can change it later by editing the order.

Updating order status

Select the order that you want to change the status of and click “Edit Order”. In “Basic Info” click the “Order Status Overwrite” box. After choosing the correct order status, you can also edit the start/end time if needed.

Once this has been saved, the “Status” column will reflect the changes that have been made.

Updating start and end time

The following statuses will ask for you to input a start and/or end time: Completed, Failed, Rejected, and Canceled.  

The suggested start time will be that of the originally scheduled time. The suggested start time will be based on the originally scheduled time plus the original duration of the order.

For example:

  • Scheduled start time: 08:48
  • Duration: 10min
  • Suggested service start: 08:48
  • Suggested service end: 08:58