With OptimoRoute you can send optimized routes to all drivers with one click. Drivers will receive a list of stops with:

  • Location name
  • Address
  • Estimated arrival time at the location
  • Time window: earliest time allowed to begin the service – latest time to end the service
  • Notes for the driver
  • Link to start navigation on the smartphone using one of the installed navigation applications like Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps, Navigon, TomTom, Garmin StreetPilot and Waze

Sending options

OptimoRoute gives you two options for sending routes:

Both can be found by clicking on the Share Routes button above the list of orders, in the Plan and Optimize tab.

Clicking on the Share Routes button also lets you export routes by choosing either Excel export or Download to GPS

Sending routes via the OptimoRoute Mobile App

Drivers first need to install the OptimoRoute Mobile App on their phones. Find the instructions for Mobile App activation and use here

After importing the orders and planning routes, the routes need to be sent to the drivers. To instantly send them to your drivers, just click on the Send routes button in the status box (dark grey area above the list of orders).

You can also send the routes to your drivers by clicking the Share routes button and selecting Send to driver app…  

You’ll have the option of sending the routes immediately, or sending them to drivers later – either the evening before, or the morning of the scheduled orders.  

A notification will appear on the screen to confirm that the routes have been sent successfully, and the drivers will receive their routes via the Mobile App. Sending routes to the Mobile App enables you to have: 

  • All the information in one place: order info, schedule and navigation 
  • Fast communication with your drivers: orders are updated on-the-go, including failed deliveries as well as confirmations of completion (learn how to enable and use our Proof of Delivery feature here)
  • Lightweight, low-data-usage app: works on low-cost phones, with small data plans as well as in areas with little or no cell service

Sending routes via email

To send emails to drivers, you first need to enter their email addresses and set the default navigation application in Driver administration. For more details on Driver administration, please click here.

Click the Share routes button and select E-mail routes. From there you will see three options for selecting email recipients. You can:

  • Send emails to all drivers
  • Send emails to selected drivers, or
  • Send all routes to one email

Here you can change the email address if necessary. If you have selected the option of sending all routes to one email, a dropdown menu of navigation applications will appear. When you have set the navigation application, click on the Send Routes button.

A notification will appear on the screen to confirm that the routes have been sent successfully.

The sent emails have a responsive design and will adjust to the driver’s smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.