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How to Use Fuel Management Systems to Start Cutting Costs Today

Fuel management isn’t just about finding the cheapest gas station and avoiding traffic. You can make a big dent in your fuel costs. All you need are a few simple strategies and the right software.

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ETA & ETD: What’s the Difference Between Estimated Time of Arrival and Estimated Time of Departure?

Estimated time of arrival is actually a lot more complicated than it seems, and it is often used incorrectly. Businesses and consumers rely on arrival and delivery estimates for planning, scheduling, and much more, but sometimes it feels like nobody is speaking the same language.

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ELD Short-Haul Exemptions: Are You and Your Drivers Exempt?

Starting from December 17, 2019, all motor carriers and drivers subject to FMCSA’s ELD final rule, must use an ELD (electronic logging device). That is, unless you're exempt. That's why, in this article, we’ll help you make sense of the legalese and find out if you're exempt from using ELDs .

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The Traveling Salesman Problem Solution for Delivery and Service Businesses

In this article, we’ll explore what makes the traveling salesman problem (TSP) so hard and how business owners can use smart software solutions to solve it, reduce mileage, and improve fleet efficiency.

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Warehouse Management: Definition, Challenges, and Why It’s Crucial for Business

From product acquisition to final delivery, we’ve compiled top strategies and key insights, along with software and service-provider recommendations for product companies of all sizes.

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How to Optimize Your Small Business Delivery Services

Growing demand for delivery may have you thinking it’s time to outsource your last-mile delivery process. But what if your team could deliver faster and more efficiently and handle greater capacity without giving up control over your customers’ experience?

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Work Orders: Definition, Examples, and How to Complete Yours Faster

With the right software solutions, you can optimize your work order process and remove obstacles to essential maintenance which could be keeping your business from working optimally.

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Truck Route Planning: How to Optimize Your Driver’s Routes in 2020

With truck route planning, you can maximize the efficiency of your trucking fleet to maintain viable profit margins.

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Top Delivery Speed Is More Attainable Than You Think

Meeting customers' delivery-speed expectations is hard. Surpassing customer expectations is the business equivalent of running an Olympic marathon: it takes a lot of work, and you'll face fierce competition, but winning means lasting success for your brand.

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How Logistics Scheduling Keeps Everything on Track (and How to Simplify It)

Scheduling is one of the most important factors in the success of any logistics chain. Done right, it can drive revenue. Done poorly, it can cause your whole operation to come to a grinding halt.  Scheduling logistics means planning specific days and times to complete each movement of a product…

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