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Load Planning: How to Start Optimizing Your Deliveries

Making the most of your freight vehicles and drivers is a constant challenge for all trucking companies, large and small. And that’s especially important in an economy where the competition on price is increasing all the time. In 2019, increasing price pressure from competitors was a significant challenge for…

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The Restaurant Delivery Mistake You Need to Avoid

You have two options when it comes to delivery: do it yourself or use a courier service.  Hiring a restaurant delivery service/courier that handles only on-demand delivery sounds like a great idea: their business model is exclusively executing deliveries, and outsourcing should cut down on your overhead, right?  Unfortunately,…

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What Is Last Mile Delivery? Costs & How to Optimize

What Is Last Mile Delivery? Last mile delivery is the transportation of goods from a distribution hub to the final delivery destination — the door of the customer. The goal of last mile delivery logistics is to deliver the packages as affordably, quickly and accurately as possible.  Many retailers now…

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Field Sales: How to Manage Your Outside Sales Force More Efficiently

Your sales reps cover a wide area. Their meetings can last from 10 seconds of ringing a doorbell to multiple hours meeting a whole company’s board. Then they have to drive to the next call or meeting while also planning their tomorrow. Alternatively, you have a dispatcher responsible for a…

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Shipping Policies: How to Create a Bulletproof Shipment Policy with Optimized Logistics

When doing business online, you don’t have the luxury of building a personal relationship with your potential customers. They might never have seen your logo before or stepped foot in one of your retail stores (if they exist).  So how can you earn their trust to drive them to buy?…

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What Is Outbound Logistics and Why Is It So Important to Modern Business?

Logistics is a significant expense for any modern business, with logistics-related spending coming in at more than $1.64 trillion last year alone. Depending on the size of your company and the price, size, and weight of your products, you could…

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Shipping and Delivery Accuracy: How to Minimize Errors and Maximize Revenue

On-time, accurate delivery is a huge part of the customer experience for physical products purchased online.  In 2019, 84% of shoppers reported that they were unlikely to choose a brand again after a bad last mile delivery experience. So…

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The Differences Between Routing and Scheduling and Why You Need to Excel at Both

If you manage delivery operations or oversee a mobile workforce of service or maintenance professionals, chances are you’re already using some sort of route planning and scheduling. But understanding the unique advantages of each of these tools could make you more effective, increase your business’s delivery or service capacity, and…

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What Is Reverse Logistics? The Delivery Process You’re Overlooking

If your business doesn’t have a great reverse logistics plan, you could be losing revenue and not even realizing it.  Planning for products to return to your company (returns management) may seem counter-intuitive. Still, for companies that offer rentals, product pick-ups, or any type of shipment logistics management,…

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How to Optimize Your Pool Maintenance Schedule to Conquer Your Peak Season

Most pools aren’t maintained to a good standard of hygiene. Even established businesses and public pools get it wrong. In a landmark study of over 80,000 public pools, nearly 78.5% had at least one safety or hygiene violation.  As a…

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