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OptimoRoute Helps Eldum rétt Be the Efficient, Dynamic and Responsive Company Its Customers Need

Eldum rétt is a meal kit delivery company in Iceland. The business deployed OptimoRoute to address challenges with route planning and delivery scheduling due to the ​rapidly increasing demand for their product.

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Bee Imagine Uses OptimoRoute to Cut Labor Costs and Improve Customer Service

This third-party logistics (3PL) provider uses OptimoRoute for optimized delivery routes that are quick to plan, but still meet all time and load constraints. They have managed to cut down on labor hours thanks to more efficient planning, their customer service has improved as they can inform customers of arrival times and meet delivery expectations, and out of control overtime hours are now being managed.

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Country Growers Deliver Fresh Fruits & Vegetables With OptimoRoute

Country Growers is an eco-friendly service with daily delivery of fresh fruits & vegetables to customers in New South Wales, Australia. This customer focused company operating two delivery vehicles was looking for a tool to keep up with increasing number of deliveries.

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