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Automated Planning That Gets You Route Planning Solutions That Work – In Seconds

What if you could automate planning for your entire month’s worth of tasks or deliveries and have those plans be automatically updated when unforeseen changes occur?  Imagine spending all that time focused on growing your business and less time on manual scheduling, sorting out delivery management or specific route optimization…

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Keep Customers Informed Every Step of the Way

Your customers have come to expect real-time updates from delivery and service providers. With our real-time order notifications, you’ll never leave customers wondering about the status of their order.  Whether your customer is eagerly awaiting a special package or planning their day around a service rep’s visit, knowing the latest…

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You’ve Done the Work – Now You Can Prove It

With Proof of Delivery, your delivery drivers, technicians, and all other field staff can gather a range of relevant information — like signatures, photos and notes — in real time via the OptimoRoute Mobile App.

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Realtime Order Tracking Is Now Available in Seven New Languages

The Realtime Order Tracking page that your customers see is now available in seven new languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, and Croatian.

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Realtime Order Tracking Just Got More Versatile: Text Message Notifications Are Here

Our most popular feature got a boost: OptimoRoute launches Realtime Order Tracking via text messages - giving you one more way of impressing customers with live ETAs. With the addition of text messages to Realtime Order Tracking, OptimoRoute has you covered.

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Keep Customers Informed With Real-Time Arrival Information

The Long Wait is over. Give your customers live and accurate arrival times - they’ll love you for it.

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The Benefits of Weekly Planning: How Weekly Work Plans Can Optimize Your Business

Does your business have flexibility regarding when orders can get done? Do you try scheduling orders based on when you might be in the area? You might have some constraints, like: within a certain week/always on Tuesday/a specific time window. And then you just try to schedule the rest of…

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New Live Tracking Tools to Improve Performance

Two new features allow you to track your team’s performance even better: Live ETA and Breadcrumbs both let you see in more detail how the day is going.

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Plan, Optimize and Monitor Each Driver at a Time

The new Driver Panel, shows you all your drivers and their route summary at a glance on the Orders Tab. It allows you to focus more easily on individual driver and route details while you are planning.

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Improve Scheduling Accuracy With Check-In Times

Multiple orders at one location comes with it's own unique problems when creating a schedule for you driver/technician. Learn more about how we are helping tackle that issue with Check-in Time consideration.

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