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OptimoRoute Helps Eldum rétt Be the Efficient, Dynamic and Responsive Company Its Customers Need

Eldum rétt is a meal kit delivery company in Iceland. The business deployed OptimoRoute to address challenges with route planning and delivery scheduling due to the ​rapidly increasing demand for their product.

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Realtime Order Tracking

The Long Wait is over. Give your customers live and accurate arrival times - they’ll love you for it.

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Weekly Planning

Does your business have flexibility regarding when orders can get done? Do you try scheduling orders based on when you might be in the area? You might have some constraints, like: within a certain week/always on Tuesday/a specific time window. And then you just try to schedule the rest of…

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Why Use Route Optimization Software?

Planning & creating optimized routes in minutes and getting more work done with your existing workforce With route optimization software you’ll spend much less time planning – and the routes produced will be far superior to…

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