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Southern Star’s 3-Month Nationwide OptimoRoute Rollout Increases Capacity by 100%

Southern Star maintains almost 6,000 miles of gas pipeline with 250 technicians. Even when confronted with this complex operation OptimoRoute managed to roll out nationwide in 90 days, thanks to the software’s robust design. Planning efficiency improved, despite large order volumes and numerous scheduling constraints. With OptimoRoute, Southern Star can fit 100% more tasks into its schedules.

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Google Maps and Route Optimization Software Are Not the Same – They’re Worlds Apart

The difference between planning routes on Google Maps and route optimization software is enormous: Route optimization software is powered by algorithms to efficiently and logically organize the order of stops for multiple drivers, accommodating the various constraints that your business has. Google Maps is simply a quick way of getting…

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By Partnering with OptimoRoute, Telgian Doubles in Volume While Reducing Planning Efforts by 82%

Telgian has a unique business model of servicing a wide geographic area, with fire safety inspectors on the road for a full week at a time, traveling across multiple states. By implementing OptimoRoute, planning is now 82% more efficient, and it takes 1 person an average of 8 days, which translated into a 66% reduction in manpower.

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What is Route Optimization?

Businesses that are looking to cut routing distances and costs will inevitably consider this question. Companies want to find ways to scale while saving time and fuel, but might not know how to do this. That’s where route optimization comes in. Complicated planning vs. a simple solution. Route optimization…

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